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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023


Hicham Ayouch


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Director's Biography

French-Moroccan director Hicham Ayouch was born in Paris in 1976. He began his f ilm career with the documentaries Les Reines du Roi (2005) and Poussières d’Ange (2007) and his first feature-length fiction film, Heart Edges (2006). With Fissures (2009), Ayouch gained international recognition when the film was acclaimed at numerous festivals in Europe before it was screened at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Tate Modern, London. Fevers (2015) received several festival awards, including the Golden Stallion of Yennenga at Fespaco. Abdelinho (2022) is his most recent film.

Arabic, Portuguese
Tue 15 / 16h30 / Salle des Ambassadeurs

In the presence of the film crew

Abdellah lives in a small town in Morocco. To escape his dull existence, he indulges his passion for Brazil. He speaks Portuguese and wears Brazilian colours. In his mind, he is Brazilian hence his nickname: Abdelinho! In his refuge a hut on the roof of his building he watches the Brazilian telenovela “Maria.” He has an imaginary romance with the heroine; then, one day, Abdelinho and Maria talk to each other through the TV screen. All is well for Abdelinho until Amr Taleb comes to town. When Abdelihno appears on Amr Taleb’s TV show, he is humiliated in front of millions of stunned spectators. Now, Abdelihno will have to face Amr Taleb to save his dreams and his love for Maria

Director : Hicham Ayouch
Producer : Hicham Ayouch
Screenwriter : Hicham Ayouch
Cinematographer : Ludovic Zuili
Production Designer : Hicham Ayouch
Editor : Julien Fouré
Sound : Sara Kaddouri
Music : Carlos Bernardo

Abderahim Tamimi, Ali Suliman, Ines Monteiro, Said Bey, Zohr Simani, Abdelslam Bounouacha

Production Company : Président Productions
International Sales : Urban








Arabic, Portuguese