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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023


Neil Jordan

Ireland, Spain, France

Director's Biography

Neil Jordan wrote and directed Angel, his first feature-length film, in 1982 and has written, directed and produced more than fifteen films, including Company of Wolves (1984), Mona Lisa (1986), Interview with the Vampire (1994), Michael Collins (1996), The Butcher Boy (1997), The End of the Affair (1999), In Dreams (1999), Breakfast on Pluto (2005), Ondine (2009), Byzantium (2013) and Greta (2018). His films have been honoured with numerous prestigious prizes worldwide, including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Crying Game (1992).

Jeu 17 / 19h30 / Salle des Ministres

In the presence of the film crew

It is 1939. In Bay City, California, private detective Philip Marlowe is as restless and lonely as ever—and business is a little slow. Then a new client arrives: the young and beautiful Clare Cavendish, who wants him to locate her former lover, Nico Peterson. Marlowe’s investigation takes him to the Corbata Club, an exclusive den of iniquity frequented by the crème de la crème of Los Angeles. He quickly falls under the spell of the seductive Ms Cavendish, leading him to clash with his former colleagues in the Los Angeles Police Department, as he f inds himself diving into the dark underbelly of Hollywood’s burgeoning film business and tangling with one of Bay City’s richest and most powerful families.

Director : Réalisation Neil Jordan
Producer : Alan Moloney, Gary Levinsohn, Mark Fasano, Billy Hines, Philip Kim, Patrick Hibler
Screenwriter : William Monahan, Neil Jordan
Cinematographer : Xavi Gimenez
Production Designer : John Beard
Editor: Mick Mahon
Sound : Steve Fanagan, Jordi Cirbian
Music : David Holmes

Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, Jessica Lange, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ian Hart

Production Company : Parallel Films, Hills Productions, Davis Films 
International Sales : Storyboard Media 


Ireland, Spain, France