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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023

Muna Moto (The Child of Another)

Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa


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Director's Biography

Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa was born in Douala, Cameroon, in 1940. A director and screenwriter, he made Muna Moto (The Child of Another), Cameroon’s first full-length feature film, in 1975. His films examine the interrelationships between elements of traditional Cameroonian culture and the wider world, and include the features Le Prix de la liberté (1978), Kpa Kum (1980), Music and Music: Super Concert (1981), Histoires drôles et drôles de gens (1983), La Foire aux livres à Hararé (1984) and Badiaga (1987).

French, Duala
Tue 15 / 17h00 / Musée YSL
Thu 17 / 19h30 / Musée YSL

Ngando and Ndomé are in love. He asks for her hand in marriage but her family requires that he settle the customary dowry—which the impoverished Ngando is unable to do. Pregnant with Ngando’s child, Ndomé is required by village tradition to take a husband who can afford the dowry. It is decided by the villagers that Ndomé should marry Ngando’s uncle, who already has three barren wives. In despair, Ngando kidnaps his daughter on the day of the wedding feast. This 4K restoration of Muna Moto (The Child of Another) was made from original negatives and a second-generation dupe negative. A vintage 35mm print was used as a reference for picture grading.

Director : Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa
Screenwriter : Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa
Cinematographer : Jean-Pierre Dezalay, Jean-Luc Léon
Editor : Andrée Davanture, Dominique Saint-Cyr, Jules Takam
Music : A. Gastyl, Georges Anderson

David Endéné, Arlette Din Bell, Philippe Abia, Gisèle Dikongué-Pipa, Jeanne Mvondo

Production Company : Cameroun Spectacles








French, Duala