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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023


José Miguel Ribeiro

Portugal, Belgium, France, The Netherlands

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Director's Biography

José Miguel Ribeiro was born in Amadora, Portugal, in 1966. He graduated from studies in the visual arts in Lisbon, then studied drawing and puppet animation at Lazzenec-Bretagne in Rennes, France, and at Filmógrafó in Porto. He co-directed the award-winning Eggs (1994), and made several short animated works for the Portuguese version of Sesame Street. He went on to make O Banquete da Rainha (1996), which won an award at the Cinanima International Animated Film Festival, A Suspect (2000), which won the Cartoon d’Or, among numerous other awards, and the multi-award-winning series Home Things (2003). Nayola (2022) marks his featurelength directorial debut.

Portuguese, Kimbundu
Sun 13 / 22h00 / Le Colisée
Wed 16 / 19h30 / Salle des Ambassadeurs

In the presence of the film crew

Angola. Past and present interlace for three generations of women living in the midst of a twenty-five-year-long civil war: Lelena; her daughter Nayola; her granddaughter Yara. At the height of the war, Nayola goes in search of her missing husband. Decades later, the country is finally at peace, but Nayola has not returned. Rebellious teenager Yara has become a subversive rap singer; Lelena tries to contain her for fear the police will arrest her. One night, a masked intruder breaks into the house, armed with a machete: an encounter like nothing the women could have imagined.

Director : José Miguel Ribeiro
Producer : Filipa Burmeister
Screenwriter : Virgilio Almeida, based on the play Caixa Preta by José Eduardo Agualusa and Mia Couto
Cinematographer : Job ter Burg
Production Designer : José Miguel Ribeiro
Editor : Ewin Ryckaert
Sound : Senjan Jansen
Music : Alex Debicki

Elisângela Rita, Vitória Soares, Feliciana Délcia Guia, Marinela Furtado, José Adelino Barcelo de Carvalho

Production Company : Praça Filmes, S.O.I.L., JPL Films, il Luster
International Sales : Urban Sales


Portugal, Belgium, France, The Netherlands






Portuguese, Kimbundu