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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023


Ainara Vera

France, Greenland

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Director's Biography

Ainara Vera studied documentary filmmaking at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Her first short documentary, Sertres (2014), had its premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and won the Navarre Young Artist award. She co-directed the film Demonstration (2013) with thirty-two other students and the Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky, with whom she worked as first assistant director and editor on Sports Kids: Varicella (2015), Aquarela (2018) and Gunda (2020). Polaris (2022), for which Vera received support from Chicken and Eggs Pictures, marks her featurelength film directorial debut.

French, English, Icelandic
Sat 12 / 22h00 / Musée YSL
Fri 18 / 21h00 / Musée YSL

In the presence of the film crew

Hayat, an expert sailor, navigates in the Arctic Sea, far from humanity and from her family’s past in France. When her younger sister Leila gives birth to Inaya, a baby girl, however, their worlds are turned upside down. We witness their journey, guided by the pole star, to overcome their family’s fate.

Director : Ainara Vera
Producer : Clara Vuillermoz
Cinematographer : Ainara Vera, Inuk Silis Høegh
Editor : Ainara Vera, Gladys Jouiou
Sound : Jérémie Halbert
Music : Amine Bouhafa

Production Company : Point du jour, Les films du Balibari, Anorak Film
International Sales : The Party Film Sales


France, Greenland






French, English, Icelandic