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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023

The Postcard (Fi zaouiyat omi)

Asmae El Moudir

Morocco, Qatar

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Director's Biography

Asmae El Moudir was born in Salé, Morocco, in 1981. She has acted as first assistant director on several Moroccan feature films and directed three short f ilms, among them the award-winning Thank God It’s Friday (2017), produced while she was studying at La Fémis. In 2020, her first feature-length documentary, The Postcard, was selected for festivals including the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Visions du réel, the Durban International Film Festival and the Malmö Arab Film Festival. She is currently working on The Mother of All Lies, which has received support from numerous prestigious funds and institutions, among them the Marrakech International Film Festival’s Atlas Workshops.

Arabic, Tamazight
Fri 18 / 16h30 / Salle des Ambassadeurs

In the presence of the film crew

When director Asmae El Moudir finds an old postcard among her mother’s belongings, it brings a remarkable story to life. The picture is of Zawia, the remote Moroccan village El Moudir’s mother left as a child. On visiting the village, where time seems to have stood still, El Moudir connects with the women and girls there, one of whom is Oum Aleid. The better she gets to know this young girl and her family, the more El Moudir comes to recognise how different her life would have been had her mother stayed in Zawia. What begins as an intimate journey in search of her roots evolves into a universal story about emancipation, migration and the longing to belong to a community.

Director : Asmae El Moudir
Screenwriter : Asmae El Moudir
Cinematographer : Amine Belhouchat
Editor : Maria Mocpat, Asmae El Moudir
Sound : Simo Mouilid

With Oum Eleid, Ouardiya, Chraibi, Aicha Touda

Production Company : Aljazeera Documentary


Morocco, Qatar






Arabic, Tamazight