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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023

The Sitting Duck (La Syndicaliste)

Jean-Paul Salomé

France, Germany

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Director's Biography

Jean-Paul Salomé studied cinema at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and directed his first feature-length film, Girls with Guns, in 1993. He has moved from genre to genre with virtuosity, making films that always have a great sense of storytelling. Among his other films are Restons groupés (1998), Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre (2001), Arsène Lupin (2004), Female Agents (2008), The Chameleon (2010), Playing Dead (2013), a slapstick comedy inspired by the films of Blake Edwards for which Salomé received numerous nominations at the Magritte Awards, Mama Weed (2020) and The Sitting Duck (2022).

Lun 14 / 19h30 / Salle des Ministres

In the presence of the film crew

The true story of Maureen Kearney, the head union representative of a French multinational nuclear powerhouse who becomes a whistleblower, denouncing top-secret deals that shake the French nuclear sector. Alone against the world, Kearney fights government ministers and industry leaders tooth and nail to bring the scandal to light and to defend more than fifty thousand jobs. Then, her life is turned upside down when she is violently assaulted in her own home. The investigation is carried out under pressure: the subject is sensitive. Suddenly, new elements create doubt in the minds of the investigators. At first a victim, Maureen becomes a suspect.

Director : Jean-Paul Salomé
Producer : Bertrand Faivre
Screenwriter : Jean-Paul Salomé, Fadette Drouard, based on the book après le livre La Syndicaliste by de Caroline Michel-Aguirre
Cinematographer : Julien Hirsch
Production Designer : Françoise Dupertuis
Editor : Valérie Deseine, Aïn Varet
Sound : Christoph Schilling, Louis Bart, Damien Guillaume, Marc Doisne, Thomas Wargny Drieghe
Music : Bruno Coulais

Isabelle Huppert, Grégory Gadebois, François-Xavier Demaison, Pierre Deladonchamps, Alexandra Maria Lara, Gilles Cohen, Marina Foïs

Production Company : Le Bureau
International Sales : The Bureau Sales


France, Germany