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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023

Birdland (Indivision)

Leila Kilani

Morocco, France

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Director's Biography

Leila Kilani is a Moroccan-French filmmaker. In 1989, at the age of nineteen, she departed Morocco to study literature and history at the Sorbonne. She has been directing films since 2000. Interested in various forms of narrative and storytelling, in her work she alternates among fiction films, documentaries, and video essays, and experiments with the intersections of genres. Her work challenges the norms of narrative cinema and filmic vocabulary, perpetually seeking to shape a channel between the non-linear principles of Arab narrative and the linearity of Western storytelling. Birdland (2023) is her second feature film.

Arabic, French, Spanish
Screenings :
Wed 29 / 14:00 / Salle des Ambassadeurs
Wed 29 / 14:00 / Salle des Ambassadeurs

In the presence of the film crew

In the hills of Tangier, in the midst of the forest, stands a decrepit house: La Mansouria. Lina lives there with her father Anis, her grandmother Amina, and Chinwiya, the housekeeper. Father and daughter share a passion for birds. It’s summer. Amina has agreed to organise a wedding for the family. Her hidden agenda is to push her family to accept a real-estate offer that will make them all billionaires. Anis refuses to sell. Worse: he renounces his right to the property. He wants to make his share an eternity donation in the form of a bird refuge. Suddenly, the tide turns: a fire, the origin of which is unknown, starts in the hills. It’s raining birds in the forest…

Director Leila Kilani

Producer Leila Kilani, Emmanuel Barrault

Screenwriter Leila Kilani

Cinematographer Éric Devin

Production Designer Angelo Zamparutti

Editor Tina Baz

Sound Laurent Malan

Music Michel Deneuve, Wilkimix

Colour Colour

Supported by

Ifham Mathet, Ikram Layachi, Bahia Bootia El Oumami, Mustafa Shimdat, Jaafar Brigui

Production Company Socco Chico Films, Dkb Productions


Morocco, France






Arabic, French, Spanish