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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023

Coconut Head Generation

Alain Kassanda

Nigeria, France

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Director's Biography

Born in Kinshasa, Alain Kassanda arrived in France at the age of eleven. After studies in communications, he presented film screenings in Paris before becoming the programmer of an art-house cinema for five years. He then moved to Ibadan in south-western Nigeria, where he directed Trouble Sleep, a medium-length film centred on the road and seen from the perspectives of a taxi driver and a tax collector. The film won the Golden Dove for Best Film at Dok Leipzig and a Special Mention at Visions du Réel. Colette and Justin (2022), a feature film intertwining Kassanda’s family history and the history of the decolonisation of the Congo, was selected for the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. Coconut Head Generation, his third film, was awarded the Grand Prix at Cinéma du Réel.

English, French, Yoruba, Pidgin English
Screenings :
Sat 25 / 17h00 / Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Fri 1 / 17h00 / Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Sat 25 / 17h00 / Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Fri 1 / 17h00 / Musée Yves Saint Laurent

In the presence of the film crew

Every Thursday, a group of students from the University of Ibadan, the oldest institution of higher education in Nigeria, holds a film club, transforming a small lecture hall into a political agora where they develop their critical voice. “Coconut Head Generation,” a scornful expression that denigrates youth as stubbon and brainless, takes on a whole new meaning when the students turn the epithet around to claim their freedom of thought.

Director Alain Kassanda

Producer Alain Kassanda

Screenwriter Alain Kassanda

Cinematographer Alain Kassanda, Tobi Akinde

Art Director Alain Kassanda

Editor Alain Kassanda

Sound Alain Kassanda

Music Jr EaKEe

Colour Colour, black and white

Tobi Akinde, Deyo Adebiyi, Leye Komolafe, Adeyosola Adeniran

Production Company Ajimati Films

International Sales Company Ajimati Films


Nigeria, France






English, French, Yoruba, Pidgin English