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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023


Camille Cottin


Camille Cottin began her career onstage when she joined the Théâtre du Voyageur troupe. In 2013, she met Eloïse Lang and Noémie Saglio at the birth of the Parisian Bitch project, and took on the title role. They filmed the feature The Parisian Bitch, Princess of Hearts (2015), which earned Cottin a nomination for Best Emerging Actress at the César Awards. She then embarked on projects including Jalil Lespert’s Iris (2016), Noémie Saglio’s Baby Bumps (2017), Éloïse Lang’s Dumped (2018), Vincent Mariette’s Savage (2019), and Sarah Suco’s The Dazzled (2019). In parallel, Cottin pursued an international career, which began in 2016 with Robert Zemeckis’s Allied and was followed by Tom McCarthy’s Stillwater (2021), Rachel Lang’s Our Men (2021), Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci (2021), Kenneth Branagh’s A Haunting in Venice (2023), and Guy Nattiv’s Golda (also 2023).

L’Empire (coming in 2024, Bruno Dumont )

A Haunting in Venice / Mystère à Venise (2023, Kenneth Branagh)

Golda (2023, Guy Nattiv)

Toni, en famille (2023, Nathan Ambrosioni)

House of Gucci (2021, Ridley Scott)

Our Men / Mon légionnaire (2021, Rachel Lang)

Stillwater (2021, Tom McCarthy)

Valiant Hearts / Coeurs vaillants (2021, Mona Achache)

On a Magical Night / Chambre 212 (2019, Christophe Honoré)

Someone, Somewhere / Deux mois (2019, Cédric Klapisch)

The Dazzled / Les Éblouis (2019, Sarah Suco)

The Mystery of Henri Pick / Le Mystère d’Henri Pick (2019, Rémi Bezançon)

Killing Eve (2018, Phoebe Waller-Bridge)

Dumped / Larguées (2018, Eloïse Lang)

Savage / Les Fauves (2018, Vincent Mariette)

Baby Bump / Telle mère, telle fille (2017, Noémie Saglio)

Allied / Alliés (2016, Robert Zemeckis)

Cigarettes et chocolat chaud (2016, Sophie Reine)

In the Shadow of Iris / Iris (2016, Jalil Lespert)

Connasse, princesse des coeurs (2015, Éloïse Lang & Noémie Saglio)

Call My Agent / 10% (2015, Fanny Herrero)

Nos Futurs (2015, Rémi Bezançon)

I Kissed a Girl / Toute première fois (2015, Maxime Govare, Noémie Saglio)

Les Gazelles (2014, Mona Achache)

Connasse (2013, Éloïse Lang & Noémie Saglio)