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20TH edition NOVEMBER 24 TO DECEMBER 2, 2023

My Thursday Souk (Souk el Khmis d’El Gara)

Izza Edery-Génini

Morocco, France

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Director's Biography

Born in Casablanca, Izza Edery-Génini left her native Morocco in 1960 and settled in Paris with her family. While a student, she worked for the private screening room Club 70, then for the Tours and Annecy film festivals. In 1973, Edery-Génini devoted herself to the international distribution of Moroccan and African films, before moving on to her first producing work in 1981 with the film Transes (El Hal) by Ahmed El Maanouni. In 1987, she started directing a series of documentary films on the musical and intangible heritage of Morocco under the "Maroc Corps et Âme" label. Since 2008, Edery-Génini has produced numerous films under the "Home Cinema" label, favouring “local” cinema on a private and personal basis. The year 2023 sees the release of her film My Thursday Souk.

Screenings :
Sat 25 / 14:00 / Salle des Ambassadeurs
Sat 25 / 14:00 / Salle des Ambassadeurs

In the presence of the film crew

While watching the rushes of Return to Oulad Mounen, a film shot in El Gara, where director Izza Edery-Génini spent part of her childhood with her father, she realised how important the weekly Thursday market or souk, the true vibrant heart of the city, is to the locals — and to Edery-Génini herself. It is this intimate relationship to this place that the director aims to explore, through unreleased rushes — treasures that have been lying in boxes since 1994.

Director Izza Edery-Génini

Producer Izza Edery-Génini

Screenwriter Izza Edery-Génini

Cinematographer Jean-Claude Lubtchansky, Joël Santoni

Editor Philippe Vallois, Aïssam El Karzouzi

Sound Jean-Claude Lubtchansky, Walter Balls

Music Hajja El Hamdaouia, Frères Bouazzaoui

Colour Colour, black and white

The inhabitants of El Gara, Edery Family

Production Company Ohra


Morocco, France